Every mural, illustration, or faux finish starts with an idea. It could be mine or it could be a client's. The first step in taking those ideas to fruition is a consultation. If you live in the Louisville area, then ideally this will take place in the space where the painting is taking place. If you don't then it can happen via phone or e-mail. This initial consult is where we will first start to talk about your ideas for the project. I will also take some measurements and we will discuss budget. Setting a budget is important so I can design the best mural for you and your money. If you are comfortbale with the budget that is set then for a small deposit I can move forward with doing samples or drawings. There is no obligation to complete the project until the samples or drawings and a completed work order have been approved. Then work can begin! Painting a mural can be a long process. One that I have found many clients have enjoyed watching, as a sketch on a page turns into a larger than life mural that fills an entire room.

This is primarily for residential clients, commercial clients please call or e-mail for assistance.