Pricing for my murals is mainly determined by the follwing factors: style, subject matter, scale, size, space, materials, and travel. The price of a mural can vary greatly depending on these factors. The most important thing during the intitial consultation is to set a budget so I will be able to design the mural, with these factors and your budget in mind.

  • Style: Is the mural realistic, abstract, cartoonish, etc.? The more realistic, the higher the cost. If you look at the images pictured to your left and right, they are both of underwater scenes. The one on the left is more cartooned on a plain background, while the one the right still has some cartooning elements, it is closer to "real" and has more background elements. This takes more time and therfore, a higher cost.
  • Subject Matter: Is the mural a landscape or city-scape? Does it have people or animals? Some things take me longer to paint than others. Painting a wall to look like the inside of a gothic cathedral would take considerably more time than painting the same wall with some rolling hills.
  • Scale: Typically, as a mural increase in size, the scale increases as well, decreasing the cost per square foot. For instance, I can paint one portrait life-size, faster than two portraits, half-size.
  • Size: This is the actual square footage to be painted.
  • Space: Is the mural an interior or exterior wall? Are there any obstacles that keep me from reaching the wall easily? Is it a ceiling? Difficult spaces and requiring of scaffolding or lifts adds to the overall cost. I usually ask these questions a lot for faux finishes.
  • Materials: Most murals are painted with an interior or exterior acrylic house paint and do not affect the pricing of the mural. Works on canvas or murals that use an artist's acrylic have an additional materials cost. Materials are a bigger factor in faux finishes as they are so specific to the project.
  • Travel: Projects outside of the Louisville and Southern Indiana area have travel costs associated with them.

I work with many different budgets, from one day jobs to six month projects. Give me a call or send me an e-mail to set up a consultation.