Murals are the centerpiece of Stivers Art. I love taking a client's idea from a sketch on a page to a richly detailed mural that can cover an entire room. A custom mural can create immersive environments where children's imaginations run wild, stunning vistas that can transport you to far off places, and turn that seemingly dull wall into something fantastic. Each mural is a unique creation- an original artwork in your home or business. There will be no other quite like it, anywhere. I work in a wide variety of styles and subject matter, whether it is a whimsical jungle mural enveloping an entire playroom, a Tuscan vineyard landscape in a lower-level bar area, dogs playing poker in a poker room, ballet dancers in a school auditorium, or a representation of ink drips in an office building. I specialize in creating one of a kind murals that best fit my client's vision, space, and budget. The murals I have done are so varied they are separated into four portfolios- whimsy, classic, eclectic, and artsy, which you can find by clicking on the portfolio link above. These still are only a portion of the murals I have painted since 2002 but I feel they represent my body of work well. I still feel my best work is yet to come and I look forward to collaborating with you to see what we can create together.